Has #MeToo Revolutionised Awareness on Sexual Harassment In Indian Film Industry?

Is it forced or consensual?


Sri Reddy, a Telugu actress who recently went on a semi-nude protest against Tollywood's producers and directors, has alleged them of asking for naked pictures and videos in exchange for a prospective role.

Sri, a talented Telugu actress who is vocal about 'casting couch being a real thing' in the Indian film industry, has once again sparked a debate on the #MeToo movement that revolutionised the entire Hollywood and other film industries around the world. 

Casting couch, which is commonly related to film and television industry is indeed a sad reality in every industry. It's a form of sexism at the workplace after all. The process where a superior authority with a power to provide employment and shape someone's career demands lewd favours in exchange is nothing short of gender prejudice.

As a part of the industry at the beginning of my career, I learned that the perpetrators and victims alike, are often termed as 'a well-known secret.' Directors, producers or struggling actors (usual victims) who've been part of it or involved in such cases are seen as 'a well-known secret,' by others.