Crazy Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into Every Oscar Winning Picture

'Moonlight' literally deserved this poster!

Have you ever in your life dreamed of being in a Hollywood film, huh? Yes, but we all know what it takes. A passion that never dies, 20 hrs. A day of acting practices, rehearsals, fitness and enormous struggle to finally achieve that single shot which can either throw you back to the basics or might become a career-defining role for you.

On the contrary, you may choose to follow an easier path and get roles in almost every Oscar-winning film. Wondering how's that possible?

Well, a crazy guy has hilariously put himself into every Oscar-winning picture using photoshop tricks. From 'La La Land' to Moonlight to Hacksaw Ridge, you name it, and I'll show you he's been there, and we never spotted.

Let's have a look!