#GuiltFreeHoli - What Is The Nation's Youth Planning For This Holi?

A remarkable step for a small change!


Holi is coming and so are the plannings for this colorful festival of joy. The children, the youth and even the elderly have their own plans. A year long wait is considered to be a real worth for this priceless fun giving carnival of joy. But no matter how prosperous and enthusiastic this fest may sound, there is also a corner open for criticism. There are hundreds of varieties of opinions regarding the festival and how it should be played. On one hand, there's this group that wants to enjoy with water having fun and on the other hand, the ones who prefer to play a dry Holi to prevent the wastage of water.

Those who are on the side of water Holi can be considered right on their part because they have the right to enjoy and also why not save water for the rest 364 days and not on this specific day? While those who prefer dry Holi have a valid point, because well, wastage is wastage and water is the most important source which helps sustain life.

We encountered a group chat by an anonymous WhatsApp group and the final verdict by these individuals help us think of a point - What about a Holi with no guilt?