Can You Guess The Pop Song From Its Video's Screenshot?

You have seen these videos, but do you remember them?


Pop industry has produced so many songs that are known and have been on the lips of many people. Some of those songs also had videos, and they cemented their legacy even stronger with its help. The videos of the songs are fascinating, and no matter how many times we watch them, we never get bored, and that is one thing which separates them from a song without a video.

So many tracks come and go, but still, sometimes it happens that we go back and watch some old videos again and again. It is said that a song becomes immortal when their meaning is conveyed with the help of a video, and that's true.

If you think you observe videos carefully, then you are at the right place because we will check your memory from the video screenshots and you will have to guess the name of the song from that.