These Grown-Up Versions Of Cartoons By An Artist Have Touched Our Nerve

He has cherished our memories!


We have spent our childhood watching wonderful cartoons to which every 90s child will get nostalgic on recalling. But while we have grown up, has somebody thought about our favourite cartoon characters growing up too? No, right? Because we have always wanted them to be the same refreshing our memories. 

Brandon Avant from Mississippi has rightly touched us on our sentiments who has illustrated the grown-up versions of our dearest cartoons which once made our summer vacations beautiful. 

The artist has so cleverly designed the illustrations that you would demand the launch of the upgraded versions of these cartoons -- portraying another phase yet connected with the old versions which we used to watch. 

Well, well, it seems that the modern artists are very interested in re-visiting, exploring and modifying the cartoon characters from our childhood. At least they are taking care of us and our memories which have been shattered by the new cartoons with whom we are not able to relate.