10 Times Govt's Groundbreaking Decisions Made India Smile With Pride 

India makes strides in right direction.      


There's an old school of thought, which says that politics is bad as it is plagued with loopholes. And then there's a modern school of thought, which is taking shape after 70 years of India's independence. This school of thought says politics is not bad and politicians are the voice of the people who go to great lengths to fulfil the promises they make to voters.     

As a result, people have begun to keep a watchful eye on politicians and political happenings. Of late, people have shown faith in politicians, specially the central leadership. This is because of a slew of measures, which union government launched to improve the socio-economic condition of poor and the country as a whole.    

Clean India Mission is one such scheme under which the country has to be made open defecation free (ODF). Toilets have become a major topic in India. Akshay Kumar's movie Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, which is about to be released, has generated more interest in ODF concept.