Gorakhpur Tragedy: After Medical College Principal, Child Specialist Dr Kafeel Suspended

Are we really marching towards the Better India?


Gorakhpur Tragedy has become the most talked about issue in India since Thursday. More than 30 innocent kids were left to die due to the shortage of oxygen supply in Baba Raghav Das Medical College. Reports say that the liquid oxygen supply was cut off since the government-run hospital failed to pay the dues to the supplier. According to an article published on HT, Rs 68 lakhs' due was not cleared by the hospital to the supplier Pushpa Sales.

While investigating the incident, government suspended the principal of the medical college and the latest news reports say, the hospital's children's ward in-charge Dr Kafeel Ahmad has been sacked. It is said that Kafeel failed to take quick action even after the ward was out of the oxygen for days. But at the same time, some local media have tagged Dr Kafeel as hero saying that, if he wasn't there, the death toll would have been increased. 

India Today stated: "Well aware that patients of encephalitis wouldn't survive without continuous oxygen supply, Dr Ahmed rushed to nearby hospitals to borrow cylinders for some critical patients.

The first hospital he sought help from gave him three cylinders, which he immediately drove to BRD.

Ahmed then made several such trips to various hospitals nearby to borrow oxygen cylinders till the next morning."

I must mention here, there have been reports that state Dr. Kafeel is the doctor with the criminal history.

With all the developing instances, common people are waiting for victims' families to get the justice.

Before this, when the incident when surfaced on Indian Internet, has created an uncontrollable anger among people.

The news has dragged the attention of not only Indian media, but the International media has also raised questions over the reputation of Modi government.

PM Modi ji seems honestly striving for making India better than ever and Indians have been appreciating him for all the efforts he is making. But this time, Gorakhpur incident seriously stopped Modi government to go big on the success of his tenure. We definitely should not generalise on the basis of one happening, but what left most of us shocked is that, Prime Minister Modi ji chose to stay silent for almost 36 hours of the occurrence.

(Cover image via FirstPost)