With Flying Car, Google Is Looking At The Sky To Reach The Unachievable

Fly like a bird!

And here I come! 

I am the flying car and you have seen me in numerous Hollywood movies and read about me in science fiction. About a century back, French artists had predicted that I would be flying in the skies at the beginning of 21st century. Now, you can experience me first hand. 

I am right here, in the skies. I am the Google's Flying Car

According to Dainik Bhaskar, Kitty Hawk, a startup backed and funded by Google co-founder Larry Page, aims to bring revolution in the transport industry. According to media reports, Larry Page has invested $100 million in the flying car technology. 

Partially funded by Google, this flying car is all set to thrill you in the skies. The car has vertical take-off and landing, weights around 100 kg and flies one person at a time. 

The future seems to have arrived. 

The startup Kitty Hawk reminds us of Kitty Hawk beach in US from where Wright brothers flew the first aircraft in 1902-03.