This Goan House Also Has A Hotel And Is Older Than Taj Mahal

It is 427 years old.


Have you ever heard about the legendary house, Figueiredo Mansion?

WittyFeed brings you interesting details about the house, which was built in Loutulim, Goa, in 1590. 

It predates 1648, but what has it got to do with that year. It is the year when Taj Mahal was built. That makes the mansion more than 400 years old. The name Figueiredo was adopted by Podiars, the Saraswat brahmins, who migrated to Goa in the 16th century from Sancoale (present South Goa). 

A part of the family decided to move to Shiroda village in Goa and the rest stayed in Loutulim (present North Goa). Later, they adopted the surname Figueiredo as they converted themselves into Christians. 

Manuel Vicente de Figueiredo was the first person to adopt this surname. His descendants took care of the legacy later.

The youngest daughter and the current owner of the mansion- Maria de Lourdes Figueiredo de Albuquerque - was the first and youngest woman Member of Parliament in Portugal. After 60 years, she returned to Goa and opened a portion of the house as a museum in 2010. 

At present, Maria's daughter - Maria de Fátima Figueiredo de Albuquerque - who worked abroad earlier, is looking after the house and plans to restore it to its original beauty.

Let's go through the house which also has a hotel in it.