This Short Film Is Powerful Enough To Inspire Us All To Stop Damaging Earth

Mother Earth, if you remember!


The aim of my life: To make this world a better place to live in! Be the change you wish to see in this world, this is what I am trying to live by. It is all inside you, how you care for the mother earth, how you care for the creatures on it and what measures you're taking to protect it from damage. 

Looking at the present scenario of increasing carbon footprints, global warming on a high and undue change in the climatic conditions, we are damaging earth beyond repair. This is a situation of concern as we are knowingly and unknowingly staking our future and leaving little for the future generations to rejoice in. 

What according to you is this earth? It is surely your haven! And we are pretty careless about it now, taking it for granted, under the myth that it will last forever and will not suffer from our actions. Looking at the figures and stats of depletion of the planet earth, it is time we buckle up and stop the harm that is being done. United, we have to monitor that the impairment is not done beyond repair. Just like we take care of our parents after we grow up, in the same way, the earth (the living globe) has to be taken care of, because it badly needs it now!