Indian Girls Show The Guts To Respond To The Politician's Blame On Chandigarh Girl

Never underestimate the Indian women!


Shout out to the brave girl Varnika Kundu, who showed the courage to come up and express what she went through on that dreadful night when she was chased in her car by two men, while she was driving back in Chandigarh after midnight recently. 

After she experienced a chilling night where she was stalked and almost kidnapped by two men, Varnika took to Facebook to let people know how unsafe India is for women who want to live their life on their own rules. Varnika Kundu, a daughter of an IAS officer penned down the horrific incident she faced so that each female in our country should know that neither a layman's daughter nor a bureaucrat's girl is safe here. What came as a shock to us was the fact that guy who followed her was a son of a BJP leader.

But what came as a great shock was Ramveer Bhatti's response to the first-hand account of Varnika.

Bhatti is the area vice-president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and he believes that the incident happened because Kundu was out till midnight.

“The girl should not have gone out at 12 in the night,” he said. “Why was she driving so late in the night? The atmosphere is not right. We need to take care of ourselves. Parents must take care of their children. They shouldn’t allow them to roam at night. Children should come home on time, why to stay out at night?” said Bhatti while talking to The Times Of India.

But females today aren't here to take anything, rather they know how to give you a dose of your own medicine. In response to Bhatt's statement and to support Varnika, Indian women have teamed up on Twitter to display their disagreement on Bhatti's statement.