lf Rapes Do Not Stop, This Is Exactly How Women Would Punish The Perverts 

Chopping their *@%# off?


Molestation, harassment, fondling, forcible sodomy, human trafficking, acid attacks... Page after page and day after day we get to read headlines and long newspaper paras containing these inhumane words. A disbelief strikes us when we throw our eyes on the harrowing number of crime against women that are taking place today.

Talking of the rape cases, what we see today is an alarming increase in the number of this heinous crime and a disabled judicial system that is continuously failing at showing the perpetrators of the crime their place. Where the common people are decent enough to come out for candle marches, nothing really seems to be helping. So what do women do now?


Yes, these perverts have left no other option for the female population who now have to take their own care in order not to depend on their security on others. While this seems to be very impractical, a group of brave girls who are out to take revenge of something wrong that had happened with one of their friends will surprise you like anything.

Watch for yourself!