Girls Of The Wall Street: World's Most Desirable Women Who Are Dating Tech Moguls

Geeks declare this as their era.


There was a time when we used to hear about the relationships of actors and actresses. The models and famous actresses would go hand in hand with some of our favourite movie stars. Like Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt, but now things are changing. The world is working on technology. So the girls of this world have also changed their taste of men.

Looking at the current scenario, we can say that it is best to be in the arms of a tech genius. They might work day and night, adopt strict diets, have no muscular body, but still, they have those billionaire statuses which is better than that of actors. The founders of the biggest tech companies, internet websites and social media websites are dating the most desirable women in the world.

The list of geeks dating famous divas is very long. Here we have gathered the so-called 'geeky couples' at this moment.