Girl Reveals Her Secret Journey From Being A Beauty Pageant Winner To Reaching IIM-A

Because winners give no excuses!


Who on earth has no desire to excel in their careers to earn money while keep pursuing their hobbies? I guess the number would be very less. Almost each one of us wants to have a firm career in management, law, medical or so and thereby have the time to work on our dreams. Yet, only a few have the capability to maintain such a brim balance.

And that too if pursued by an Indian lady, seems like one in a million thing. Yes, fellas! Coming directly to the point one such lady has gotta give us all kick-ass career goals. If you think you can't manage your job and studies together, think again! That may be just an excuse because this girl will prove you wrong.

If you still think being overloaded with work, you can't pursue your dreams or hobbies I would suggest you look back at your words because if she can do it, anyone can do it. She is a 20-year-old beauty pageant winner who worked for her career to get into an IIM and achieved it like a pro. So, let's take an insight into her life and secrets that she revealed herself.