Girl Quits Subway Job When Manager Scolds Her For Paying Homeless Man's Bill

A gentle gesture of the girl turned unkind! 


An American girl Savannah who was working at Subway quit her job due to her manager's behaviour. Her manager criticised her just because she helped a starved homeless guy.

A poor man came to her restaurant and asked for a sandwich. He asked if it would cost more than $10. One of the staff told him 'no', and he carried on. But at the last moment, he couldn't find the money he had. He frantically searched but couldn't make it. Ashamed and about to leave, he heard Savannah called out to him. She said she would pay for an entire meal for him. She fed him, and the guy thanked her a lot and went away. But, the Subway manager didn't like the fact that a homeless man received a free meal at the restaurant and scolded Savannah for giving it.

Savannah shared her story on social media and briefed her reason for quitting the job.

Images via 9GAG and Giphy