A Vehicle Was Following This Girl, And Her Step Against The Stalker Is Now In News

A voice that had to be raised!  


It's very common for women in our country to face many embarrassments like stalking, eve-teasing, and what not. Some women don't feel like talking about it because of the fact that no one cares and things have sustained this way. And honestly, I totally understand this. But then, there are women who choose to slap these men, by taking the case to social media smack these men down, for disrespecting women.

And thanks to social media that has encouraged women like Rashmi Shetty. Rashmi has sagaciously used this platform to share her incident. Beware stalkers, because this time we are not going to keep our eyes down and run away. We are going to run after you.

Read the story further to know how Rashmi taught this stalker a lesson he would never forget.