This Gamified Version Of Physiotherapy Can Save Your Money In The Most Interesting Way

This young stripling is on the right track.


The competition has been rising leading to low priced products but there does not seem a world where medical expenses will ever be affordable for major treatments. And when such difficulty arises when one finds it problematic to receive cheap and effective solutions, technology comes to rescue. 

But while you must have heard of the vast applications of Virtual Reality, what about its blend with the medical sector?

Well, a startup named Fizio based in Faridabad has been using Microsoft Kinect to gamify physiotherapy not only to make it an affordable solution for the ones seeking physical therapy but also providing them with a fun exercise. 

The innovative concept of Fizio came from Divyanshu Varshney when he faced a life-altering accident. He was accompanied by his friend on a motorcycle when they both faced serious injuries. Consequences of the accident made him discover how inconvenient it was to find decent physiotherapy and therefore went on to fix the broken industry with affordable treatment.