Remember The Adorable Kid From The Superhit Film Gadar? This Is How He Looks Now

The adorable 'Charanjeet' has all grown up!


This film became a blockbuster in the 90s, and this child actor from it made the audience fall for his impeccable acting skills and super adorable looks. His superb role in the film proved that a child artist and his/her part in a film could create a great impact on the audience. 

This child is all grown up now, and even 17 years after the movie was released, the audience still has the memories of his brilliant acting in the film, which made this child artist a household face. I am sure after reading this, it's getting for you to hold your excitement to know about the 'Kid' I am talking about and may be many movie buffs reading this, might have guessed about the child artist I am talking about.

So, if you want to know more about him, quickly move forward to take a look.