Deepika Padukone Will Never Want You To See These Pictures

Let's see how Deewani this Mastani was! 

"Dekha tujhe dekha mene, hua mein toh crazy... Tauba mere tauba mere, meri kudi hai tu sexy..."

I absolutely related to this song because it is the first thing that comes to every guy's mind when they see Deepika Padukone. She is an epitome of female beauty in Bollywood. From her role as Shantipriya to making everyone laugh as Meenamma in Chennai Express and Mohini in Happy New Year, this actress has proven her versatility time and again. 

We thought of creating a funny listicle which might be photoshopped, might hurt all DP fans, but is made for fun and entertainment purposes only. 

Have a big laugh as you see Deepika portray all your expressions in her pictures below. 

WARNING: I think you must head out if you can't tolerate mockery because these images are so funny that we couldn't stop sharing.