"If you like the guy, go ahead and date him. He too likes you...."

Forever Is True


Prisha held her tight. ‘Why are you doing this to yourself, Gauri? Like, why? If you like the guy, go ahead and date him. He too likes you. See how and where it goes. We don’t need to take all the decisions on the first day itself.’

‘I know all that but I feel the easier it is to get into a relationship, the difficult it is to come out of it.’ Prisha let go of her. 

‘But why are you thinking about the end already?’ 

‘Maybe because it’s easier to think about the end before starting anything so as to not wonder why and how things happened.’

‘But that means you’re obsessed with the ending! That’s not the right way of getting into a relationship.’

‘I don’t want this, but if you break up with Saveer then tell me honestly, would you tell this to yourself?’ 

Prisha was quiet. For the first time, she understood the fear that Gauri was running away from, even as a part of her wanted to get closer to Karthik. 

‘Your silence is my answer,’ Gauri said.

Prisha lay back, staring at the ceiling. ‘Between Utkarsh and Saveer, I’ve learnt that while some relationships seem like they’ll make you, they actually end up breaking you. And some that seem to destroy you, actually end up giving you a new lease of life. I don’t think anyone can know what will happen until they choose to be in a relationship.’

‘I agree. And that’s why I am taking baby steps towards it and not a leap or even a jump,’ Gauri said.

‘Hmm. I get it now. As long as it is a journey towards something you feel connected to, I guess it’s fine.’

‘How slow is slow and how fast is fast is the question.’ 

‘Let the connection decide that.’

‘Yeah, you are right.’

They lay silent for a while. 

‘By the way, any news of Diggy? He has never been out this late. Not alone, I mean,’ Prisha said.

‘He has never fallen for a “lady” before!’ Gauri rolled her eyes. The girls laughed. Prisha nudged her, saying, ‘Don’t be mean.’

She called Diggy. He didn’t pick up. 

‘Do you think the woman is fucking him?’ Gauri asked.

‘Stop it, will you? Your sudden weird questions bring up stupid visuals in my head,’ Prisha said and messaged him: call back, moron. She kept the phone beside her pillow and went to sleep.

When she opened her eyes, she thought her alarm had woken her up. Then she realized it was the shrill ringtone of her phone. Someone was calling her. She picked it up with half-closed eyes. It was Saveer. She took the call, but before she could say anything, Saveer said something in one breath. She sat upright in bed, wide awake.