Don't Buy Food From Outside This Diwali, Here's What You Should Do

#DiwaliAayiHai, Khaana Laayi Hai! 


Well, Diwali is here and the complete city is lit in a festive mood. There are lights all around and the markets have been decorated so elaborately, just to lure us. At this time of the year, even our gastronomic enzymes know that there is a feast out there, to hog till our heart's content. ANd amongst all this, there is a dilemma whether one should buy food from outside or not, questioning on their quality and freshness.

Do not worry people, we are here with a solution to this problem of yours. Here are some really appetizing substitutes to those unnecessary elaborate 'Diwali ki mithai' and the 'Diwali ke namkeen'. Some easy to try on tricks and recipes for you this Diwali, so that you spend lesser time in the kitchen and more with your family and friends. We are sure, this piece will atleast grant you those extra moments of laughter and fun with your near and dear ones. 

Read on to grab some of the really exciting and innovative recipes that are less-thought-of during the Diwali season, but are as apt!