10 Pictures That Show How Rains Flooded Kaziranga National Park  

Oh, what a deluge!   

The Brahmaputra river that flows from China down to India has flooded its river banks after the relentless monsoon rains flooded the areas located along its banks in last two weeks.  

Along with villages, Kaziranga National Park, home to two third of world's one-horned Rhinoceros, was also inundated. According to a report by The Indian Express, more than 50 percent of the Kaziranga Park area is submerged. Elephants, rhinos and deer were shifted to safer locations. Many of them moved on their own to safer locations.   

There was more to the chaos. Most of the animals were hit by the vehicles in the floods trying to escape the deluged park. The count of the animals killed and washed away still remains undetermined.  

Let's look at the pictures of destruction that occurred in the past two weeks in Assam.