Flaming Shots Aren't In Trend Now Coz 'Fire Paan' Is The New Cool

Dare to have?

If you're a Paan lover, this piece of information is surely for you. And even if you aren't much fond of Paan, I bet after going through this one you would feel the urge to hit the Paan store right away. While wandering the streets of the popular "khau-galli Chappan" situated in India's food junction Indore (MP state), WittyFeed's witty chef Shejal Mittal came across this happening place, where she saw something unusual. A posh Paan store, where a guy was placing a Paan oozing flames out of it, made Shejal get into the store at that very moment.

This place is known as 'Milap- the Paan Destination' which serves more than 22 types of Paan and the list of servings include a name which satiates your taste buds but at the same time makes you think twice before having it. I know you are now running out of patience to know about it. This Paanwala from Indore has come up with a unique Paan named as Flaming Paan or Fire Paan.

Difficult to digest?