The First Indian Woman To Fight WWE Matches In Salwar-Kurti

Are you watching something like this for the first time? 

Are you a fan of WWE? Then you must know about all the Indians who have participated in the event and made the entire nation feel proud. But today, I have something that will truly amaze you. Oh yes! To all those people who have been following it for a long time and are eagerly waiting for a strong and worthy woman to enter the big game. Fret no more, I have got a good news for you

Let me proudly Introduce you to the first Indian woman wrestler to compete in WWE, Kavita Devi. What is even more fascinating is that she wears a Salwar Kameez while fighting, that is full desi style.

So gear up as I am about to share with you the video of Kavita Devi fighting New Zealand-based Dakota Kai and that too dressed up like a traditional Bhartiya Naari in WWE.

*Bhartiya Naari padi sab par bhari*