Finding A Girl Gets Tricky For Guys... Do You Know Why?

A few dilemmas men battle with! 


Bride Wanted: Looking for an educated, homely, tall, slim, beautiful and gori girl for a very well educated, well settled, cultured and liberal boy with family values and assets.

Read through the ad once, once again and maybe one more before you find the paradoxes of the world we live in! There are more than many reasons to criticize the groom for adding so many filters in his bride search; however, what often gets compromised is empathy!

Yes, the groom surely deserves a lot of empathy! Managing the expectations of your family with those of yours is not an easy task, and he is always put in a spot where he has to prove himself to be a perfect son and a perfect husband!

Finding a partner is a too tricky task for a guy! It is much more than finding the perfect partner; it is also about finding the perfect family member who can seamlessly fit into the perfect family picture without looking the odd one out. Finding a species similar to yours topped up with the complexities of dealing with a woman can definitely be a grilling struggle.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, here are a few dilemmas men battle with when they have to decide on the perfect life partner for themselves.