If You Get An 8+ On This Quiz, Then You Are A True Bollywood Expert

The test of time!

Bollywood fans are so obsessed with their fad that they live, dream, breathe and eat Bollywood! They just cannot get over their obsession with films and infectious characters. They keep punching and pasting dialogues in every situation and leave the other person in splits. It is this idée fixe of theirs that keeps them happy and cheerful throughout. Bollywood characters have been a part and parcel of every Indian's life and how can we forget that Sunday wherein we used to sit all day long, tied to our TV screens and spend that Sunday evening, hogging and ogling away to glory! Today, it is time to pay tribute to those times.

So, here we bring to you an interesting quiz wherein you have to complete some famous Bollywood dialogues. I am sure, you are going to enjoy this. Do take the quiz and share your score. Also, do not forget to challenge other Bollywood buffs in your group.