25 Facts About Wentworth Miller That Make Him Michael Scofield In Real Life

#21 is amazing.

Wentworth Miller's life is an amazing example of overnight success. He rose to fame by portraying the role of Michael Scofield in the American television series, Prison Break. His path to fame was not an easy one. Since 1997, he started to land guest roles in different shows. He even worked as the temporary guy in several production companies.

He starred on Prison Break during its first run from 2005 to 2009, and after that, he returned in the series' new season which started in April 2017. He has also been a model, screenwriter and a producer. The critically acclaimed actor's career swings between both television shows and feature films.

Well, many of us are familiar with the Prison Break series. So, before you put this fantastic series' new season in your watchlist, there are some interesting things which you should know about its lead actor, Wentworth.

Know about some interesting and unknown facts about Wentworth Miller.