Facts About Hindi Film Industry You May Not Be Aware Of 

You can test your knowledge here.   


When there are friends in a group or a family that is dining together, any guesses on what they talk? No points for this brainer though! Most of the times, it is Bollywood and the gossip involving it! 

We as Indians have always been intrigued with the latest updates of Khans, the Kapoors and the who's who of the Hindi Film Industry. What they wear to what they eat to where they holiday, all these make for our talks and are ice breakers with new acquaintances.    

Well, just to give more weight to your Bollywood gossip, here we provide some of the facts that you can openly flaunt in the next tittle-tattle that you engage in. 

Did you know who has been the most typecast actor ever in Bollywood? Did you know which Hindi movie has won the maximum number of awards ever? Get all these answers here along with some more important realities that you must know.