12 Facts About Ravana That Not Many Of Us Know 

Ever wondered why he had ten heads? 


Dussehra is about to arrive, and we all will soon get geared up to burn the prime antagonising character of the epic Hindu mythology 'Ramayana', Ravana, who is also known as the Demon King. 

Sadly, films and daily soaps have ruined the essence of reality for all of us, and we either know Rama's or Sita's side of the story but have you ever wondered what Ravana's Ramayana would be? We cannot tag him as good or bad because unlike every creature in this world he had his shades of grey. He was known to be the greatest villain but don't you think that balance is necessary to complete the equation? No wonder there are so many people who still worship him the way we worship Lord Rama. There are still a lot of things that most of us don't know.

Here are a few facts that show a completely different side of this Demon King.