Interesting Facts About Navratri That We All Must Know 

Did you know there are four Navratris in a year?  

Navratri is here, and everyone has geared up to celebrate it with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Wherever you will go, you are going to find lights, huge pandals, idols of Maa Durga and of course beautiful chaniya cholis being sold accompanied by dandiya. 

Now that the enthusiasm and devotion are not ready to leave their place, it is very important to know the reason behind the big celebration and also some facts that are not known to many, some stories that simply went unheard. There are different reasons as to why this festival is so big and lavish in India. Various religions claim to have different stories to tell us, we at WittyFeed thought of compiling it all for you in the form of listicles.

Read further, and you will find some new and interesting facts about Navratri. :)