10 Things We All Can Expect On President Donald Trump's Birthday

Is it going to be the greatest birthday in history? 


On June 14, 2017, if anyone asks you "where's the biggest party in America?" Well, just point your hands to the White House. Yes, there will be no other party in the USA on June 14, that could beat the fantastic list of guests, food, gifts and extravagant arrangements.

Already, the oldest president of the US, Donald Trump, will be celebrating his 70th birthday and his first as the President of the US. 

When it's the birthday of a billionaire Trump, things are bound to get tricky even when on the right tracks. The whole world is excited to know what might happen on his birthday. 

Well, Melania Trump is busy in getting a birthday card signed by Trump's supporters (we hope it'll get more than 09 signatures). And Ivanka, like a good daughter, is planning a surprise gift for her papa. 

Now, before your imagination's flight is getting all prepped for a takeoff to visit the clouds of expectation, WittyFeed's monorail is here to tell you what the world expects on President Donald Trump's birthday.

Let's have a look!