Ex-Infosys Employee Claims That A Hospital Harassed Him Mentally And Looted With Fake Bills

Hospitals are losing the trust of common people.

Every society irrespective of their culture, beliefs, color and religion, looks at the doctors and hospitals with hope and respect. After all, “If there’s anyone who could save their life after God, then it is doctors.” 

In doctors we trust. But, have you ever thought about ‘What If’? What if the doctor intentionally prescribes wrong medicines, so that you may visit him again and again? What if a doctor forcefully admits you into the hospital and then tries to loot you with fake bills? 

Well, a lot of you may not agree to this!

But Ashwani Gaat, who lives in Suratgarh, Rajasthan has made some shocking leaks about renowned hospitals in Jaipur. 

An ex-Infosys employee, Ashwani had taken his father, Mr. Jagdish Prasad to a regional ‘Aastha Hospital’ in Sri Ganganagar for a casual checkup, back in 2015. As per Ashwani, their world turned upside down when Dr. Soni informed Ashwani that his father had suffered a silent heart attack! (Ashwani’s father had diabetes for more than 20 years now.)

Ashwani talked to WittyFeed and briefed everything that got him in trouble.