Jewish Photographer Captures 15 Extremely Rare Yet Evocative Pictures That Even The Nazis Found Hard To Find 

The harsh reality of the Nazis' atrocities.

Prior to 1939, Henryk Ross had been a news and sports paparazzo in his hometown of Łódź, Poland. We all know that during the Nazi regime, very few people could survive and he was one of those people. His photography prowess allowed him to survive the Nazi occupation and document some of its most egregious crimes.

By 1944, Henryk had secretly managed to capture the reality of the Nazis’ atrocities that he felt he had to hide from them. And so he did.

After a year, following liberalization, he went back to his secret spot and buried them up. Now, after 70 years those pictures remain some of the history’s most revealing documents. Have a look at the compilation of such pictures.