Egyptians Are Angry With Angelina Jolie And The Reason Is Really Weird

Angel or Demon?

Recently, Egypt and Sudan got embroiled in a war of words over a movie that will showcase the history of Sudan to indicate that the country is the 'mother of all civilizations'. 

Egyptians believe that it is Egypt that is the mother of all civilizations while Sudanese claim that it is their country. The movie will portray Sudan as the mother of all civilisations. Now, this claim has made Egyptians angry who say they have a 7,000-year old history!

Interestingly, both countries have Pyramids and there's an argument over whose pyramids are older, better, bigger and deserve more attention. 

According to BBC, Hollywood actress and filmmaker Angelina Jolie plans to make a movie on the history of Sudan, starring herself and Leonardo DeCaprio in the lead roles. The movie will be funded by a Qatari Production house. 

So, the two nations are at war. Read on to know the complete story.