This Is How Hard My First 'Bhaang Thandai' On Holi Hit My Mind

The story of a girl who couldn't stand the bhaang fever!


The season of colours and 'bhaang' is on and this is when all the newly grown-ups want to experiment with life. So here's a little something that I'd like to share from my personal experience.

2 years ago, I was such an inquisitive child who wanted to try everything new, well almost everything. So that's when I decided to have the infamous bhaang with my friends on Holi. Because that's how we defined our coolness! *Face palm*

The thought of it was quite enthralling. Almost everything that was ever portrayed in front of me compelled me to give those 'bhaang thandai shots' a chance like I was having Jagger bombs!

I had 5 back-to-back shots and it was nothing next to what those Bollywood movies had ever shown, that I had grown up watching!

Nonetheless, this was and is the reality, my friends.

Note: The girl shown in the cover photo is not the one this story is about.