5 Dreadly Women from Delhi Who Are Worse Than Real-Life Bholi Punjabans 

These women are too dangerous!

Do you remember Bholi Punjaban from the movie Fukrey? What if I say that there are some real-life Bholi Punjabans in Delhi?

Recently, a 32-year-old woman was arrested for snatching cell phones for a living.  

In 2017, a 38-year-old lady was busted for running the biggest prostitution racket in Delhi. Not just these, police are looking for a mother of eight who takes orders for killing for money...Shocked? 

Well, the ladies I am going to tell you about will surely blow your senses. Who would believe that like movies, there are women in real-life, who sell illegal liquor, run gambling hideouts and prostitution rackets? 

So, how about we have a look at these real-life Bholi Punjabans from Delhi.