Punjab Govt Plans to Ban Vulgar, Violent Songs. Will These Also be Banned?

These are few songs that even the censor board couldn't decode.


After Censor Board, now Punjab government is planning to become the first state to build a system that will put an end to vulgar and violent songs. 

Yes, Punjab's Cultural Affairs Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu recently announced that the state has decided to form a Punjab Sabhyachaar (culture) Commission to keep a check on obscenity and vulgarity, and glorification of drugs and violence in Punjabi songs.

Navjot Singh Sidhu believes that such songs promote sexual harassment against women. He also stated that showing weapons and violence in songs prompts people to commit crimes, and consumption of drugs pushes people into deadly addictions.  

After this news broke, I realised that numerous double meaning songs have been composed in the industry since forever. These songs can seriously blow your mind if you try to get to their original meaning. 

Now the question is, will these songs also be banned?