Delhi Is Crying #DontChokeOurChildren And This Video Approves The Alert

India's development depends on these kids' smoke consumption.

Life is an eternal process of learning which makes all of us students, continuously learning from our surroundings and adapting to the changing times. In the process of learning all too quickly and keeping up with the busy life, we all might be missing something lately. Heard of Delhi's SMOG problems, well, today I intend to address the same issue. For a moment, change your focus from your traffic problems and take note of the grave danger coming generation is in. 

Today, we bring you a video of the Facebook channel - "3 Minutes.Life", where they show the amount of smoke today's kids are breathing in Delhi. Kids today are not able to attend school, play out in the open fields, and most importantly suffer from medical ailments. Did you know, breathing in Delhi for a school kid is equivalent to smoking cigarettes?

Going by the famous saying - "When health is lost, all is lost!" and you can't have it back even with all the money in the world. Health is wealth, and the following video will help you understand the gravity of the situation when the upcoming generation who hasn't entered their teenage is caged inside their homes and can't step out because of pollution. 

On this Children's Day, take a pledge and support noble cause started by these people - #DontChokeOurChildren.