"Don't Be Over Smart," Says Salman Khan To Varun Dhawan

Is it for Varun's upcoming film 'Judwaa 2'?


Salman Khan's one of the most entertaining films and the blockbuster hit that released almost 19 years ago, 'Judwaa', is doing a comeback with its sequel titled as 'Judwaa 2'. The sequel of Judwaa starring Varun Dhawan alongside Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu.

While the original movie had twin roles of Salman Khan, the sequence will see junior Dhawan playing two characters for the first time.

As for now, Varun will be seen walking in the footsteps of Sallu Bhaijaan in the sequel; he is advised by the superstar Salman to not act over smart. Like really?

Well, does the advice of Salman has got something really serious behind it? Let's find out.