Domestically Abused Woman Reveals Text Messages Sent By Her Ex-Husband And It Is Frustrating AF

These messages will terrify you!

Stepping away from an emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive partner can take all that you have. But victims usually have a tough time telling their story even years after the occurrences. Even simply talking about what they went through becomes so traumatic that they can't bear the thought of the world knowing what happened. 

But Imgur user 'Krissykross' bravely came out with her story three years later. She shared a bunch of screenshots of text messages that her ex-husband, Adam, had sent to her and they will burn into your flesh. 

These messages are in fact, terrorising but she is receiving a lot of comfort and support from all the users. Nearly 600 thousand people have viewed the screenshots, and many have commented positive things for support as well. 

Let's check out what the poor soul went through.