Does Your Crush Like You?

Take this quiz and find out!


Love can be tricky sometimes, and there are many things which you need to see and check if a person truly loves you or not? Well, because it is the matter of commitment, and it is necessary to know everything. You have to be a cryptographical expert just like Julius Caesar who invented Caesar Cipher just to talk to his wife. 

It is easy to crush on someone, but it is an important question whether s/he likes you back or not? It is not an easy task to make someone fall for you, and you need to put in a lot of efforts to make things work or even start between you and your crush. 

Many things decide this, whether it is your way of talking, the way of treating other people or your personality. You have to keep track of all the things to work your relationship. But, still, sometimes it happens that things don't go according to the plan.

So, we thought it would be great if we can create a quiz that will help you know about your crush's love towards you. So, take the quiz.