Do You Really Think You Know Who You Are? (Video)

This video will open your narrow vision.


We are too much proud to be called by the name of our people, our country and we feel very noble for the achievements of our community... our particular community. In some cases it might be like, we dislike a particular group of people, from some part of the world, we don't know them, but we just don't like them, isn't it? Yes, it is. 

You may think you don't have any relation with the person who walked past by you. But my dear friend, everyone in this world is related to everyone. 

Here's a video that tells us how miss-guided our concepts are about ourselves. The specialists conduct a test of opinion where every single individual is sure of their origin, but when the results of the origins get announced, you'll be amazed. Don't consider it like any other survey; you might not know what's coming.