Do Actresses Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup?

The makeup-less look is not that appealing.


Most of the people believe that celebrities look the same they appear on-screen. Their hair must be perfect, they must have glowing skin as soon as they wake up. It must be super easy for them. Right?

But the truth is, they don't! In the glamorous world of Bollywood, you can hardly find something which is true and real. It's the sad truth. Plastic surgeons earn their wages through most of them. Beauty has a price, it seems. And, it doesn't come cheap. 

Bollywood is more about acting, makeup, style and fashion and so are the stars. Actresses are prim and proper for a reason. Never having to stay out of the spotlight, they have to look their best. With little makeup on face, these Bollywood celebrities look like a whole new person. Some Bollywood stars look the same as they do on-screen but some of them may go unnoticed. 

Check out if your favorite celeb looks as beautiful as they appear on-screen.