Plant Plastic Forks And Spoons In Your Garden And Get Rid Of Pests

You'll never toss them in the dustbin again!


Those plastic spoons and forks that are often a complimentary part of take away food packages or desserts, always end up in the trash can and obviously so, for they have no other reason to serve apart from helping you eat properly.  Plastic utensils are tossed in the dustbin after use without giving a second thought about its subsequent application in any other way. After all, they are designed to be disposable and shouldn’t be re-used for fear of health hazards plastic brings with it.  

You are a smart and health conscious human if you have been disposing off (after one use) or limiting the use of plastic utensils/cutlery all this while but there are some who are smarter and re-use them in a way you would have never imagined. Those little objects that are rendered useless after one use can aid you in the garden, and in more than one way!  

You will never throw away those innocent and harmless looking plastic spoons and forks after reading this…