He Put Banana And Egg In A Pit, And Then This Happened...

It's amazing!

At first, you may not understand what’s going on, and you might end up thinking this man is doing strange things. But, I bet, after seeing the end results, you’ll totally agree with his idea.

The garden hack by this YouTuber, Gary Pilarchik will show you how to fertilize a tomato plant using entirely unusual materials like a whole banana and an egg. It’s an immaculate trick and needs very fewer efforts to make it work.

In the video, Pilarchik explains the entire experiment along with the science behind it. The egg and banana decompose quickly over time to feed the tomato plant. 

The vegetable gardening expert, Pilarchik in his blog 'The Rusted Vegetable Garden' shares tips and tricks for everything which is useful for gardeners and gardening. He has built a YouTube channel on which he has uploaded more than 400+ videos that cover almost every hack about gardening.

Let’s have a look at one of his most famous experiment!