These Images Of Disney Princesses As Drug Addicts & Rape Victims Will Shake You

A woman's life today.


We live in a world, which from its inception has been biased towards women and they were always considered the "weaker gender".

I've never understood why "having balls" has always been a euphemism for strength and bravery while "you're a pussy" has been one for expressing weakness and cowardliness. 

Every year, a whopping 1.3 million women are raped, 200 million women who are alive have undergone female genital mutilation. About 120 million females, worldwide, have been victim to forced sexual acts or intercourse at some point or other in their lives. (Source :

A  Philadelphia-based photographer Sharon Dermody decided to highlight some of these issues by using her photography skills and came up with a unique concept. She projected a couple of models dressed as Disney Princesses who portrayed as the victims of these social issues. But why did she choose Disney Princess for this?

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