9 Delicious Dishes Made With Rose Petals

The journey of love begins with this!


February is the month of ‘love-ria’. It starts right from the Rose Day and celebration continues until 14th February. This is the month where the couples take out their boat of love and sail in the ocean of dreams. However, there are also some for whom the sailing is going without a partner. No need to be sad! Contrary to the popular belief, all the days related with the oozing sense of love are not only for your better half! They are for anyone and everyone whom you love. That means you too!

That journey of love begins with the Rose Day celebrated on 7th February each year. The norm is to gift a rose to the person you love. This year, let’s change the game with food.

Here are some delicious dishes made with rose petals that will help you in pouring out your feelings of love. This year celebrate the Rose Day with food and add an inimitable memory in your beautiful life.