Did You Know That You Can Light Up The iPhone Apple Logo Just Like A MacBook?

This is something new!

You may not be Steve Jobs but you want to be one, right? One of the major changes brought by the Apple man to this world was the innovation of iPhone. You wouldn't be connected to the internet through your phone right now if it wouldn't be for what he created years back. What he did not do is put a glowing light at the back of an iPhone too just like he did with the MacBook. And, since then people have been trying to convert their iPhones into MacBook, not physically but just making attempts for the Apple logo on iPhone's back to glow just like that of a MacBook. 

While people are after predicting what the next model will be like, why don't you learn to make some changes to the current model. Here's something for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus holders which can help you make your iPhone more unique even among the bunch of iPhone possessors.