Devastating Pictures Of Floods That Can Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Two weeks of heavy rains and flooding in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

While people were retaining an eye on the devasting hurricane in Texas, the whole South Asia was getting within the misery of heavy rains. This invited catastrophic floods in which thousands of people lost their lives, and over 41 million people suffered the impact. 

Heavy monsoon rains demolished landslides across northern India, southern Nepal and Bangladesh. Many trains were cancelled due to floods, and people were stuck where they were. People travelled through rafts and those who didn't receive help, wade within the flood waters.

The most recent city that was hit by disastrous monsoon was India's financial centre, Mumbai. The effects of rains were so critical that hospital and schools were partially flooded in the city. 

Here are some images from the scenes of floods from various regions of South Asia like India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.