Taxi Driver Carrying A Burden Of Rs.70,000 Loan Returns Rs. 8 Lakh Out Of Honesty

Because honesty is the best policy!

How often we forget our belongings into a rental transport. Sometimes a mobile phone, our pullovers, or any other precious appurtenances and even money. As it turns out, most of the times the driver of transportation services are not kind enough to track you down to return your valuables. But sometimes people understand how much one suffers when they lose a valuable thing. Here's a story of a taxi driver who showed the world that humanity, trust, and honesty are still alive.

Debendra Kapri, 22, a young man from Bihar who earns his living through driving a Kaali-peeli (Black and Yellow) taxi around Delhi has shown the world that it's not about money that he works for, but for serving. 

A passenger forgot a bag filled with foreign currency, jewellery, and gadgets on the back seat of Kapri's car, knowing the valuables it had inside, Kapri decided to return the bag to the Police. Ironically, Debendra owns a debt of Rs 70,000 on his head, still, he decided not to take the bag with him.

Let's get to know more about this kind-hearted young man.